If you ask me, memorization is the uncrowned queen of the Romanian education system. The process is simple (if you have a good memory): the teacher presents you the information and recommends you the bibliography. Then, he/she takes a good look at you using an examination paper or an electronic test in order to see if the knowledge is still there or any leakage occurred between his/her presentation and the assessment. If you are lucky, during university, you will get rid of this type of nonconscient learning…partially or totally.

Memorization has indeed some advantages that should be recognized: it is absolutely necessary when you learn mathematical tablets or some language vocabularies and it is mandatory for social reproduction of the system. But what happens beyond the information that has been memorized?  Happily everything go well if beyond memorization are some good analytic skills. Sadly, if no other skills were developed within the student, he will not be able to make connections between the information he/she has and every time he/she will confront with a new situation that was no described during the lessons…well, good luck with that kind of situations for all!

Just when I got used to the memorization system, I found myself into the position of thinking beyond the argumentation, build my own arguments, critic the authors on my own and see their limits. And the transition was horrible…and the transition continues…until I will get back home where memorization is essentially good even if nothing is beyond it.


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