letters for universities of EcoLand

Dear universities all over EcoLand,

We know you are having serious issues with the funding, that more and more students enrol and you need to satisfy them all without any or very few increases in budgets from your governments. And we know that the large majority depends on the state funding (between 60% and 90% if OECD reports well).

So, let’s cut the long story short and here is the deal: we formulate the objectives for you at the policy level and we allocate you the funds depending on your performance in meeting the objectives we have identified. We know better what the national level needs in order to become the most competitive knowledge economy in the Eco-world and we are in serious trouble if we don’t make it. Then, an external or internal assessment will show to what extent you have met the required objectives, guided by our king-values employability, competitiveness and efficiency. So, reach the objectives, get the money. Got it?

Don’t be hinder in your endeavor by silly cultural, social values or attempts for students’ personal development requested by the public servant role you have had all your existence. These are nonsenses now when people don’t have jobs.

Anyway, adapt to the new deal or die.

Your always regulator,

Institutional Triangle of EcoLand

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