People in Grand Place/Grote Markt in Brussels

There are people kissing. And people making small talk: about pommes frites and Belgium Chocolate, about gauffres and the various types of Belgium beer.

There are people playing: playing with a ball, playing with words, playing with people’s feelings or simply with their postures while taking photos. A kid is screaming out: MAMA, MAMAAAAAAAA.

Some are holding hands. Some wished they were holding somebody’s hand, I assume.

A few people are trying to sell their flowers to couples. But nobody buys flowers for their beloved nowadays.

Some guys walk careless in groups. They look happy. Some are lonely  hearts. But they look happy too to me. Maybe I am happy and see happiness every where.

Some girls are obviously talking pictures to nourish their Facebook profiles with some “Brussels Albums”. Some must be taking mental pictures: they stay still in front of the beauty of the buildings, maybe trying to encapsulate the moment in their souls.

Some speak French. Some speak Flemish. Some speak loudly. Some don’t speak at all. Well, somebody has to listen… Only a few speak body language.

A guy with a trolley passes by dragging an apparently light luggage making a lot of noise on the irregular pavement. It seems he reminds all the people in the square that nothing is forever: it comes a moment in life when you have to pack light and go. And sometimes the pavement is quiet at your departure.

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