Coincidences or interconnections?

For those who believe in coincidences, this story is just an amalgam of facts, scattered on a white page of a silly blog.


The facts go as simple and reasonable as this: on New Year’s Eve, I biked towards the City Hall square to see the New Year fireworks show; when I biked back after my first beer of 2013 (and last one, I promise), it was dark and there were many broken glasses on the bike lane from the early drinking stars of 2012 and the late drunkers of 2013; I got myself with an absolutely flat tire before I got home; I felt sad, as it was the first “happening” that the New Year brought to me; knowing that today, on the 2nd of January, I was supposed to bike more than 30 km to DPU, then to Charlottenlund and then back home to Amager, the first thing I did on the 1st of January was to go and make an inventory of all the bike service shops in the neighbourhood which open as early as possible for the next day; today in the morning, I took my bike to the only bike service in Amager that opens at 9 AM; the guy from the bike service told me that the earliest my bike will be ready tomorrow; so I walked towards the bus stop, disappointed that my yesterday’s inventory efforts were useless and I still have to pay for transportation tickets today; all of a sudden, 5 metres away from me, a biker girl stopped; she was having a flat tire; she saw me coming and asked me if I knew a bike service somewhere near. I didn’t know ONE, I knew them ALL and their opening times on top.

For those who believe in coincidences, these are just scattered facts put in a post. But I don’t believe in such thing. I know I was down that my year started badly with unpredictable expenses for my new tire and transportation tickets. But my bad luck is somebody else’s good luck. For me, it was not a coincidence that I got a flat tire on New Year night, that I went to search for all the bike services in the neighbourhood  that I hadn’t had my bike repaired the same day so I walked towards the bus stop at a particular time of the day, on a particular street…I had to meet this girl and tell her where to go to get her bike repaired.

Your life is not just your life. It is interconnected with so many others’.

3 thoughts on “Coincidences or interconnections?

  1. I too enjoyed the story. Not so much for the events and coincidences that unfolded, as for the way those events and coincidences were interpreted: “Your life is not just your life. It is interconnected with so many others.” A new perspective, a new insight.

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