The size of Yoga

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Have you ever tried to google Yoga in images?

As soon as you press “Enter” a full gallery with flexible slim bodies opens. You get to see abdomens that have probably grew up in a gym where they have never sold any chocolate bars (not even the low fat energizer!). You get to see smooth bottoms, finely shaped as if God spent one full day on their perfect creation. There are flexible bodies contortioned in easier or more difficult postures. You can only twist a bit your head to figure out how to look at the picture from the right angle…then you say “wow!” and move on to the next result of the Google search. There are mostly feminine bodies or female’s parts of bodies, or shadows of fit women in the sunset. Rarely, you get to see a male body or a dog body, but they could still fit into an S t-shirt.

The pictures you see on Google may encourage you to believe Yoga is meant for very fit flexible women and nobody else. Or you will become one if you “yoga” enough every day.

But Yoga is not an S-size no matter what Google says. It’s not about beautiful slim bodies which draw people’s attention. Actually, is not about getting any attention at all. At least not from the outside, and not somebody else’s attention. Yoga is not meant only for small size bodies. It is meant for your body just as it is: chubby, skinny, curved, stiff, roundish, pear-shape, apple-shape or whatever fruit shape the expert may say you have there. You may not be able to do the full bridge or the head standing or you may not touch the ground with your heels in downward-facing-dog. But you can be a yogi with the body you have, with any body you have. And be a dedicated one. Because it is not the body in itself that makes you a yogi. It is the meditation. Bodies can mediate even if they are wearing XXXL size to cover them. Yoga is not a size.

4 thoughts on “The size of Yoga

  1. Yes! & thank you! Cheers to the dedicated yogi who can be fully present on the mat! Well said, namaste

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