Meditation course – mind surfing for beginners


“You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

The waves of the ocean are unstoppable. Sometimes high and forceful, other times low and gentle. But the waves are always there, that is their nature. Trying to stop them it’s madness, with much of an effort, little or no gain at all. The same goes with the waves of our thoughts. It is in the nature of our mind to produce them. We cannot stop our thoughts, but we can definitely learn how to surf around them, how to ride the waves of our thoughts for a healthier and more enjoyable life.

That is actually the purpose of this meditation course – learn different ways of surfing through our thoughts. For five weeks, complete beginners in the practice of mind surfing will be invited in exploring what is meditation and what techniques they can use in the everyday life to cope with the inevitable stream of thoughts and emotions we are  all experiencing.

What can you expect to get out of this course:

  • Get to know different meditation practices and explore which one is closer to your heart, which one you enjoy most
  • Build the foundation for a daily meditation practice at home. You will be offered the knowledge and the support necessary for continuing your formal and informal meditation practice also after the termination of the course

“Practice and all is coming” (Patthabi Jois)

  • Have the space (and the time) for self-reflection for your personal development. You will be invited to reflect on your meditation experience and on the effects of meditation as part of the sessions and by keeping a meditation diary or journaling at home.

Themes we will be covering through the course:

  • Week 1: OK, let’s clarify what is meditation in the first place! Practicing Breath Awareness Meditation for 20 minutes
  • Week 2: How do we cope with our thoughts in meditation?  Practicing meditation on thoughts for 25 minutes
  • Week 3: Let’s bring our body and some movement into our meditation! Practicing Mindful Movement and Body Scan Meditation for 30 minutes
  • Week 4: How to deal with our emotions in meditation…how about in the everyday life?  Practicing Labeling Emotions Meditation for 30 minutes
  • Week 5: Discovering concentrative meditations techniques – we will be practicing mantra, humming and sound meditation together

Format of the course: 5 weeks, 1 hour for each session, starting 10:30AM on Saturday, the 11th of June

Costs: you will need about 30 minutes every day for your home practice, and one hour for the actual course on Saturday – that will be a big investment for your time. No other costs apply for you. Donations are gracefully accepted on the site.

Location: the yoga space at the ground floor of Alterego Fitness Studio, 14-20 Abbott St, Alphington VIC 3078

Registration: send me an email at to make sure all is ready for your attendence



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