About me

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. (Mark Twain).

I found out why! I did, I did! And I will share this with you, hoping that with my purpose, I can be useful to you or your organisation.

Here I am, standing in front of you, with a clear understanding of what I love doing and what I am good at. It took me almost a decade of soul searching, readings (The Purpose Project has been an enormous help), workshops on personal development, studies and coaching to unearth this, to be able to acknowledge that facilitating people’s learning for their personal development is what I want to do with my life.

Such a relief is to realise your own purpose! I see nothing more meaningful than facilitating people’s learning, putting all I am and all I know in the job of helping adults from all walks of life to live a happier and healthier life.


I have been working towards my purpose for about eight years now, small and steady steps to align my ‘raison d’être’ with what I do at work. In 2012, I graduated a Masters in Lifelong Learning (Copenhagen), which gave me a solid understanding of adult learning, both policy and management. As a Social Media Manager in the advertising agency Kaleidoscope Proximity, on top of the community management tasks, I also did internal training for the new comers, for  interns (students or recent graduates), brand inductions, and delivered social media workshops for clients. In 2015 I became a qualified Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga (including mediation) since then, inside and outside the workplace. In 2016, I added the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) to my lifelong learning experience. Since August 2015, I worked with Adslot on delivering tech/product training (onsite and webinars) and support.

This year in February, I felt time has come to make a change from training for hard skills to soft skills and learning for personal development. I resigned from Adslot to follow my heart and get to do more of the work I love, in the area of training and facilitation for personal and professional development.

Areas of interest

To sum up, I have the knowledge, the skills and the experience (you are invited to check out my LinkedIn profile here for more details) to design, deliver and assess training in the following areas:

  • Interpersonal skills, to grow yourself or your team stronger and more motivated – Time Management, Communication, Teamwork, Presentation skills in accredited or non-accredited training packages
  • Wellbeing workshops to learn how to bring more balance into your work life. Many of us experience stress, anxiety, burnout, lack of focus at work. To learn how to cultivate healthy habits at work and after hours, I offer stress management, self care at work, meditation and yoga courses.
  • Strategies and tools for an engaging tech training and customer support – tech companies, this one is just for you. It is not just your product design that should be user friendly, but also your product training and your customer support, considering adult learning principles and engagement strategies

If you think that my motivation and passion for people’s learning and development, in tandem with my experience in training could help you, or your team to grow stronger and healthier, please reach out. I would love to discuss this further with you.

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