The time when love has gone

You wake up one morning and you find out your beloved is not in love with you anymore.  You wish you had the argument to say is not fair.  But you don’t.  Because you know that love comes and goes quietly whenever it wants. You are grateful that it was around for a while anyway.  Just like in a swan song, all the good memories come into your mind: walking around narrow streets late in the night, cooking together, having chocolate cake and tomatoes soup at La Chocolat, long talks about the most beautiful nonsenses in the world, departures and returns, writing stories, reading stories,  sharing our stories.  You take a bow and thank your beloved for all the beauties and all the joys he has brought into this relationship.  Then you have to go. Because it is the time. The time when love has gone.


When do you miss home most?

When do you miss home?

It might be on Christmas because everybody should be back home with his/her family.

It might be when you feel sick because nobody is there to take care of you, or tell you a good word, or give you a big hug and a spark of optimism. Then, you miss mum a lot and all the homies that have made illnesses bearable so far.

It might be when you walk or ride and nobody around you speaks your language. Add to all this the frustration that you are another person in the foreign language that you speak so you can get the full dimension of being far from home.

But number one situation of this top, the moment when I miss home the most is when I take out my clothes out of the dryer. It is not the same smell no matter what softener I get. Every time I open the door of the dryer I feel pity for all the pressed clothes forced to stay in the dark round box for hours in order to get dry. And I remember how it feels to hang the clothes outside in the sun, to see them blowing easily in the wind, spreading their fresh homey perfume. And this is when I miss home the most.