Yoga offerings

No knowledge is gained instantly. In fact, knowledge has a beginning but no end. Geeta Iyengar

You may have noticed already that the knowledge about ourself is not gained instantly either. We are so close to ourself, yet so far. “It can be easier to master the dynamics of another planet than to grasp what is at play in the folds of our own brains.” (Self Knowledge, The School of Life).

It took me about a decade of soul searching to unearth what my purpose is, what am I good at and what is the work I can happily do without feeling bored or meaningless. In this journey, I discovered that facilitating people’s learning for a better self is what I love doing.

DSC_3212Yoga (and meditation) was one of the tools I used to explore my own purpose and to gain more knowledge about myself.

Yoga is also one of my favourite tools through which I support people’s learning about their true self. I see the time we spend on the mat as a huge opportunity for reflection on the self. It’s when we notice how we talk to ourself, how we treat ourselves, how we relate to others, how it feels to be us.

Then, outside the mat, beyond asanas, through the other seven limbs of yoga of Patanjali, more learning opportunities about the self are happening. Just staying aware is bringing us self discovery, on and off the mat.

Yoga Offerings

I am currently teaching yoga to lovely people at:

Local Yoga, in a small homey space, 354 Saint Georges Road, Thornbury, 3071

  • Monday 7.15-8.30PM – Yoga for stress relief – for those of you who are Thornbury’s locals and could use some relaxation techniques at the end of your work day
  • Saturday 9.15 – 10:30AM New to Yoga – a class for beginners, to set up a strong foundation for your yoga journey to the self

Snap Fitness, at 6 Plenty Road, Preston, 3072

  • Saturday 11:15AM Slow Flow – this is a class where the postures are practiced in a particular sequence, transitioning slowly between them with awareness and kind breath. It’s a class opened to everyone.

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If you have any curiosities about how can you approach particular aspects of your life through the lenses of yoga, please feel free to reach out with your questions.