Yoga offerings


Getting to know ourself through the path of yoga is like crossing a river, or climbing a mountain – no two people will get to the other side of the river, or to the peak of the mountain following the exact same path. There are as many yoga paths are yogis.

If you want to cross yoga paths, we can meet at Local Yoga Thornbury, or at Snap Fitness Preston (details below). If you can breathe, trust me, you’ll be good at yoga. No other prerequisite for these two classes.

Local Yoga, in a small homey space, 354 Saint Georges Road, Thornbury, 3071

  • Saturday 9.15 – 10:30AM – a class for all yoga levels, especially beginners, run to set up a strong foundation for our yoga journey to the self. The class is run by donations and includes asana (postures), pranayama (breath), meditation and at least a little bit of philosophy. You’ll practice honouring your body, you’ll pay honouring your wallet.

Snap Fitness, at 6 Plenty Road, Preston, 3072

  • Saturday 11:15AM Slow Flow – a class where we transition slowly between postures with awareness and kind breath. It’s a class opened to everyone. Its cost is $10, but I am happy to offer the discount you need. Just come.


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Note: the props available at Snap Fitness are kindly provided by